It Just Got Better! We Give You Sentrifugo 3.2!

New Feature

Employee Exit/Separation:  Sentrifugo provides an extensive solution for Exit/Separation Management ranging from Employee Separation Requests, Approvals and Exit Interview! You can now create a tailored exit process suitable for your organization. 

Employees can raise an exit request. All the mandatory and configured approvers will be able to provide their approval in an organized manner.  Once the Exit Process has been completed, the employee will be enabled to provide his/her feedback through the Exit Interview Questions.
Usability Enhancements:
  • Export Time Related Reports: You now have the option to export all time-related reports to PDF or XLSX format.  These reports will give you a quick access to the total hours spent by employees and number of hours allocated to projects.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed leave request email having wrong employee name
  • Fixed issue in adding New Year holiday in calendar

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Support.

30 thoughts on “It Just Got Better! We Give You Sentrifugo 3.2!

  1. Hi im one of the user of Sentrifugo, Im having a hard time in puting a photo of the employee coz they must be the one putting it. May I suggest that if possible the Super admin only will be the one to put a photo in their profile so that they won’t be oblige to put it on their own? besides it is the HR Files to be put on a system.


    • Hi Elien,

      Thank you for your suggestion! Currently, this feature is not available in Sentrifugo. Only HR and employee has the privilege to add profile picture,but not super admin.


    • Hi,

      Greetings for the day!

      Currently, in Sentrifugo we have only one level of leave Approval/Reject. An employee leave can be Approved/Rejected by his/her ‘Reporting manager/Hr Manager’.

      Thank you!


  2. Any chance of getting some HR workflows integrated (or customisable ones) to automate (or speed up) some HR processes? i.e. employee on-boarding is linked to a process flow with all the steps/applicable docs in an easy workflow?


  3. Hello, I have installed your HRM and I am very much impressed with this software. It includes most of the requirement of my company, can you provide any timeline to include Attendance Management in Sentrifugo.


  4. Hello

    We have XXI c. – start using UTF-8 🙂
    We can’t input any diacritics, in any form – names, cities, types etc etc.
    And … implement interface translation – then Sentrifugo will be (almost) the best open source HRM software. (dev documentation = best)

    Oh, and some bugs still exists from ver to ver – silly bugs e.g. showing only name of employee in birthday card, withur surname …


  5. Hi your software look very good but was wondering on a few items such as how to perform data import or bulk upload and can i grant hr user access to only specific dept?


    • Hi,
      Thank you for showing interest in our product! You can perform a bulk import using the import option in HR > Employees (placed on to top right side). You can click on the Help button to refer to the Import Guide.
      Please elaborate your second query further. Thanks!


  6. Hi,

    I have installed Sentrifugo, and am currently in the process of configuring the modules. However, I am unable to import employee details in bulk due to an error with regards to the ‘reporting manager’ section in the import tracker. Would greatly appreciate some assistance with respect to this issue.


  7. Hi!
    when can we expect a new version of this system? I can also see lot of great changes on github, like UTF8 support.
    Do you plan to to release a new version that includes those functions?

    Best regards András


    • Hi,

      We apologize for the delay.

      Thank you for showing interest in our product! We are in the planning phase and we cannot provide a tentative date for its release yet.


  8. hi
    I hope a good day too you
    I am using sentrifugo version 3.1 everything it’s very good since 2 weeks I have this problem when I want to add a new category in assets he gives this message (You are not authorized to access this page.) Opss and another place, even when I am login with super admin…

    please, can you help me to fix this problem?

    another question if I upgrade to the last version, do any data lose it or some of it ??


    • Hi,

      Thank you for showing interest in our product!

      Kindly provide us your SFTP, URL and Super Admin credentials of the application to debug the issue.

      Note: The data you share with us is safe and confidential.

      You can upgrade the application from the website. There will be no loss in the data after you upgrade the application. Kindly take a backup of the application code and database before you upgrade.


  9. Great software and the most comprehensive I have seen so far. If we wanted some customization on leave accrual and active directory authentication, can that be done?


  10. We have been using Sentrifugo for quite sometime now and also upgraded to latest versions. Really happy to have such a great product with all required features.
    Please let us know when will the next version of the product be released and what is the roadmap for compensation/ benefits/ payroll solution.
    Eagerly awaiting the next release!


    • Hi,

      Thank you for showing interest in our product! We are in the planning phase for our next version and we cannot provide a tentative date for its release yet.

      Team Sentrifugo


  11. I saw from your github that there was a request for a training module around Feb 2017, is this still on the product backlog as features and reporting around corporate training, especially if it has a limited lifespan and has to be re-sat would be extremely useful.

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