Sentrifugo Hits Over 12,000 Downloads!!!


We are pleased to announce that Sentrifugo downloads have crossed a mark of 12000!! A huge THANKS to our users all over the globe! Sentrifugo couldn’t have come this far without your support and encouragement. We continuously strive to give you the best and well rounded HRMS product. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sentrifugo 3.0! In case you’ve missed our previous post on Expenses and Asset Management, do check it out here: Sentrifugo 3.0 Introducing Expenses & Asset Management

As always we thank you for choosing Sentrifugo and Happy Downloading!!

Sentrifugo 3.0: Introducing Expenses and Asset Management

Our goal is to provide users a self-sufficient and well-rounded HRMS application which will serve all their HR and organizational needs.  As part of our promise to continually make Sentrifugo better, we plan to release the much-awaited modules ‘Expenses’ and ‘Asset Management’ in our next release Sentrifugo 3.0!! We’ll be rolling out these modules tentatively by August – September.

Here’s a sneak peek of the features available in Expenses and Asset Management:


Put an end to tiresome and time-consuming manual expense reporting and streamline your expense process using Sentrifugo’s ‘Expenses’. Sentrifugo simplifies the complex expense process giving you a quick, easy and transparent expense system. Employees can easily create and send their expenses for approval to their Employers. Expenses can be placed into various categories for instance food, travel, entertainment etc. Employees can also reimburse their expenses.

Upload Receipts:

Employees can effortlessly attach supporting documents/receipts or digitize receipts and store them in the application.

Payment Mode and Currencies:

Various payment modes are available and they can be tracked. Expenditures made on an international trip can be converted to your organization’s local currency.


Add Trips for managing multiple expenses, clients and projects. A Trip comprises of the various costs incurred in a trip like travel, food, and accommodation. This helps the managers to get an overview of the employee’s entire trip expense at one go.


Sentrifugo allows the Employers to pre-allocate a certain amount of money called Advance to an employee, which can be used for expenses incurred during trip(s) or for project(s) and client(s).

Asset Management:

Keep a track of your organization’s assets like computers, laptops, phones etc. and assign them to employees. It enables the Employers to have quick access to information related to all the assets in the organization. A user can create asset categories and subcategories. Asset details such as invoice number, vendor details, warranty status, asset images etc. can be added and then assigned to employees.

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Sentrifugo 2.1.1: Configuring Time Management Settings


Sentrifugo 2.1.1 brought you an enhanced version of the Time Management module. You can now submit your timesheets for approval and your managers have the option to Approve/Reject them. The Super Admin can set a Weekly Timesheet Submission Reminder for all the employees to ensure that they submit their timesheets without delay and also configure a Timesheet Blocking Range, after which the employees’ timesheets will be blocked.

To make things easier, we have prepared a quick video tutorial showing you how to configure the Time Management settings. This configuration will enable your employees to fill in their timesheets. You can check the video tutorial below:

Watch this space for more updates and for our next video tutorial on ‘Timesheets‘.

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Protect Your Organizational Data with Sentrifugo’s Access Control Feature

An HRMS holds a lot of confidential and sensitive data, if compromised can lead to heavy damages for the organization and it’s employees. Hence, access to important data must be monitored and restricted to certain users only. Sentrifugo understands your need for security and enables you to protect your data from unauthorized access through the ‘Access Control’ feature.

There are 6 main role groups provided in Sentrifugo by default:

  • Management
  • Manager
  • HR
  • Employees
  • External Users
  • System Admin

Within each role group, 5 extra role types can be created. For example: Under the Management role group, you can create Board of Directors, Department Heads etc. as role types. By using the option Roles & Privileges in the module HR, each role group can be enabled or disabled to add/delete/edit/view certain features. Only the Super Admin & Management role group can assign or deny privileges to users.

Check out the following steps on how to handle privileges.

Step 1:

Go to: HR -> User Management -> Roles & Privileges -> Click on edit against a role name


Step 2:

You will see a list of checkbox options under the heading ‘Privileges’.


Step 3:

Click on the blue drop down icon to reveal a few more checkbox options available within it.


Step 4:

Selecting an option lets all the users belonging to the role type have access to the feature and depending upon the selected sub-options (add/edit/view/delete), the users will be able to perform those actions.


As we go down the organizational hierarchy the privilege options provided will reduce. You can see the difference between an Employee and an External User’s privilege options in the images below.





By unchecking the option HR for the Employee role, users who belong to the Employee role will be restricted from accessing the HR module (viewing other employees’ details).


Don’t forget to click on UPDATE to save the changes.


You can try out the Sentrifugo demo at  to explore the tool. If you have any questions or require assistance, you can write to us at or also reach out to us by visiting our website


Analytics in Sentrifugo

HR professionals have been data collectors for a long period. They need to keep a track of employees’ personal information, salary, leaves, benefits etc. Was the collected data ever used for making business decisions? Put this question to an HR professional and don’t be surprised if the answer is NO.

Sentrifugo’s analytics features will assist you in improving will assist you in improving HR functions. It will also aid the top management to make better decisions related to work force.

What can you view in Sentrifugo’s Analytics?img1

Figure 1 (For example purposes only)

Figure 1:

The pie chart on the left displays the number of employees having different employee statuses like Active, Resigned, Suspended etc.

The pie chart on the right gives the number of employees in each department.


Figure 2 (For example purposes only)

Figure 2:

A line graph which shows the activities performed by users.

img 3

Figure 3 (For example purposes only)

Figure 3:

A bar graph which exhibits the number of user logins per day.

A user can generate reports for the features mentioned below. The reports contain lists displaying:

  • Organization
    • Business Units/ Departments and their details.
  • Users
    • Number of Roles/Employees in each Role Group (Manager, Management, HR etc.).
  • Employees:
    • All employees’ information (Email, Position, Department etc.).
  • Acquisition:
    • Acquisition details.
    • Candidate information.
    • Scheduled Interviews’ details.
  • Employee Leaves:
    • Leave details of all employees.
    • Leave management configuration details for each department.
  • Holidays:
    • Number of employees and holidays in each holiday group
  • Background Check:
    • Background check agencies’ particulars.
    • Employee/Candidate screening details
  • Logs:
    • Actions performed by all users.
    • All employees’ user login information.
  • Service Request:
    • Service request details (Raised by, Category, Priority, Status etc.)
  • Time:
    • Hours spent on each project/by each employee

The above mentioned reports can be exported in excel or PDF format.


  • Appraisals: Employees will be grouped on the basis of their ratings. A line graph will be displayed for each employee, comparing his/her ratings year wise.



A user can even generate custom reports by inputting parameter(s) of their choice. img7.png

Note: Only the Super Admin and Management roles can access the Analytic feature.

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8 Tips to Use Sentrifugo

After going through some queries from users, we have decided to give you a bunch of tips which will make your journey with Sentrifugo a cakewalk!

  1. It’s preferable if an IT Admin installs or assists you in installing Sentrifugo. As basic knowledge about webserver (LAMP/WAMP/XAMPP) and databases is required while installing this application.
  2. Sentrifugo only supports MYSQL DB and Apache.
  3. Ensure that you have permission to attach ‘Triggers’ to your MYSQL database, as Sentrifugo is highly dependent on Triggers. (If you want to host your application on a domain, Please ask your service provider to grant permission to attach Triggers).
  4. You need a proper email server configuration for sending emails in the application.
  5.  If there are any changes in your Super Admin’s email address and password, please make sure that you change it in Sentrifugo’s mail settings as well.
  6. Once employees are added, they can’t be deleted, however they can be made ‘Inactive’. Once they are inactivated they cannot access the application again.
  7. If you had added the employee by mistake, you can edit the current employee’s details to replace it with another employee’s name and details.
  8. Sentrifugo is packed with 4 user guides. You can access them in ‘Help’, placed on the top right corner of the respective modules in the application
  • Complete Sentrifugo Guide
  • Time Guide
  • Import Employees in Bulk Guide
  • Appraisal Guide

We’ll be coming up with more tips to ease your way through Sentrifugo in our future posts. Do let us know if you would like us to write a post about an area you’re facing difficulty with in Sentrifugo. We’d be glad to hear from you!!