It Just Got Better! We Give You Sentrifugo 3.2!

New Feature

Employee Exit/Separation:  Sentrifugo provides an extensive solution for Exit/Separation Management ranging from Employee Separation Requests, Approvals and Exit Interview! You can now create a tailored exit process suitable for your organization. 

Employees can raise an exit request. All the mandatory and configured approvers will be able to provide their approval in an organized manner.  Once the Exit Process has been completed, the employee will be enabled to provide his/her feedback through the Exit Interview Questions.
Usability Enhancements:
  • Export Time Related Reports: You now have the option to export all time-related reports to PDF or XLSX format.  These reports will give you a quick access to the total hours spent by employees and number of hours allocated to projects.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed leave request email having wrong employee name
  • Fixed issue in adding New Year holiday in calendar

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sentrifugo as Your HRMS

People are the most important asset in any organization, which makes selecting the right HRMS a very important decision. Here are 5 reasons why you should give Sentrifugo a try:

  • Free & Open source

Sentrifugo is FREE! Need we say more? We have no hidden costs and trial periods. The icing on the cake is that Sentrifugo is an Open Source application. This means you have the complete freedom to customize the application to suit your organization’s needs.

  • Dependable Support

We do our best to always be there for our users. Sentrifugo users are provided free support. There are two main support portals and a discussion forum. Users can also reach out to us through social media or repository sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Github, and Sourceforge.

  • Melange of Features

Sentrifugo consists of a variety of features like:

o   Leave Management

o   Employee Management

o   Appraisal

o   Expenses

o   Time

o   Talent Acquisition

o   Service Request

o   Self Service

o   Asset Management

You have the liberty to include or exclude the modules as per your organization’s requirement.

  • User-Friendly

We’re user-friendly not only virtually but literally too! Sentrifugo is an application that listens to what its users want. User suggestions are always welcomed and, we implement those suggestions on the basis of their demand and popularity.

  • Continuous Development

As Kim Collin’s said “Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection”, we at Sentrifugo strive for continuous advancement. Sentrifugo’s development is an ongoing and responsive process. We make frequent updates and enhancements to the application.

You can download or upgrade to the latest version. To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at

New And Improved Sentrifugo 3.1.1 – It’s Launch Day!!


As the saying goes, ‘Good things come in small packages’, here is a little something to make your Sentrifugo experience even better!

Sentrifugo 3.1.1 brings you:

Usability Enhancements:

  • Privilege for HR to Handle Leave Requests: The HR now has the privilege to approve/reject an employee’s leave request. This reduces the sole dependency on the Reporting Manager and allows the HR to handle leave requests in the Reporting Manager’s absence/unavailability.
  • Improved Employee View List: We have done away with the employee grid and have brought in a new look for the employees’ view list. You can also easily search for any employee, using the new search option.
  • Increased Employee ID Limit to 5 Digits: Sentrifugo’s employee ID can now accommodate 5 digits. You are no longer restricted to maintain your Employee ID to 4 digits.

 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue in Holiday Configuration.
  • Fixed issue in Service Request.

You can download or upgrade to the latest version. To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at

4 Brand New Enhancements in Sentrifugo 3.1 – Check What’s New!


We at Sentrifugo believe in constant improvement and endlessly try to give our users the best HRMS tool! Sentrifugo 3.1 has a few enhancements which will increase the application’s ease of use, clarity of information displayed and widen privileges for the HR role

New Enhancements:

  • Design Enhancements

From the uniform placement of buttons to easily accessible options, the design enhancements have been made to increase the usability and make it easier for users to navigate through the application.

  • Activity Log for Recruitments & Leave Management

An activity log will be displayed for every action performed by the user(s) involved in a Recruitment or Leave Management Cycle. This will provide users more clarity about the status of the process.

  •  Privilege for HR to Upload/Change Employee’s Profile Photo

Previously in Sentrifugo, only the employees could change/upload their own profile photos.Now the HR has been given an additional privilege to upload/change any employee’s profile photo.

  • New Submenu Option ‘Contacts’

You can now manage and store your organization’s external users, vendors, and clients’ details all in one place. This submenu option is available in HR > Contacts. 

Sentrifugo 3.1 is scheduled to release this week. Stick around for more updates — we’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below or email us at

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.

Sentrifugo 3.0 Stable Version – It’s Launch Day!!

launch-1Sentrifugo 3.0 is back!! Only this time it’s going to be bigger, better and stable!

What’s new with Sentrifugo 3.0?

New Features :
  • Disciplinary Incident Management:  Sentrifugo is proud to announce its newest addition – Disciplinary module. Included on popular demand, this module allows you to streamline your disciplinary management process. You can create violation types suitable for your organization and raise disciplinary incidents against employees (defaulters). Employees (defaulters) will be allowed to provide their appeal statement. On the basis of the employee’s (defaulter) statement and misdemeanor evidence, he/she can be pronounced guilty/not guilty. If found guilty, a corrective action can be selected for that employee.
  • Compatible with PHP 7 & MySQL 5.7:  Sentrifugo can now support PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7
Usability Enhancements:
  • Display Employee’s Leave Request Status for Managers:  Managers can now view the status (Approved/Pending) of employees’ leave requests in the grid. This simplifies the leave approval process and reduces menu re-directions.
Bug Fixes:
  •  Fixed issue occurring while updating Identity Documents details
  •  Fixed issue faced while adding Department Head
  •  Fixed issues in Service Request

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at


Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta is Here!!!


The wait is finally over! Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta is here with brand new modules and features!

Here’s what Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta has to offer:

New Features :

  • Expenses Module: Managing expenses could never be easier! Sentrifugo’s Expenses helps you to get more visibility and manage employee expenses efficiently. You can now track employee expenses, store receipts, manage multiple expenses at once, have provision for various payment modes and do so much more!
  • Assets Module: Say goodbye to time-consuming asset records and spreadsheets! You can now store and have comprehensive asset information at your fingertips. Keep a track of your organization’s assets and assign them to employees.

Usability Enhancements :

  • Customizable Employee IDs: Customize your employee IDs to match your organizational employee IDs.
  • Create New Button: Use this shortcut button to create new Requests, Business Units, Appraisals etc. with just one click and zero menu navigation.
  • Design Improvements: A brand new user interface design across the entire application.
  • Employee Exit Date: You can now select dates in the past for an employee’s exit date.
  • Encryption: Confidential information such as salary details are encrypted in the backend.
  • Leave Management:
    • Improved user interface
    • Option to cancel approved leave
  • Appraisals:
    • Appraisal forms can be printed
    • View appraisal history (For Managers & Employees)

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed 8 minor issues in the application

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at