Sentrifugo 3.1 is coming soon!!


2 thoughts on “Sentrifugo 3.1 is coming soon!!

  1. Dear Admin,

    I have a few questions;
    1)When would be the release date?
    2)Would Sentrifugo supports automatic accrual of leaves or carry forwarding of leaves?
    3)Would Sentrifugo supports different types of leaves categories of leaves credited to the employee, such as Off-in-lieu/parental leaves etc?

    with regards,


    • Hi,

      We apologize for the delay. Thank you for showing interest in our product!

      1. Sentrifugo 3.1 has already released on 22-12-2016.
      2. In Sentrifugo, you can allow leave transfer(Carry forwarding the leaves to next year) by choosing an option ‘Yes’ for the field ‘Allow Leave Transfers?’ in Leave management options. Go to: HR › Leave Management › Leave Management Options
      3. Yes, you can add leave types according to your organization’s requirement under the ‘Employee Configuration’ tab. Go to: HR › Employee Configuration › Leave Types. The leaves credited to an employee will include all the leaves types available in the organization.


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