4 Brand New Enhancements in Sentrifugo 3.1 – Check What’s New!


We at Sentrifugo believe in constant improvement and endlessly try to give our users the best HRMS tool! Sentrifugo 3.1 has a few enhancements which will increase the application’s ease of use, clarity of information displayed and widen privileges for the HR role

New Enhancements:

  • Design Enhancements

From the uniform placement of buttons to easily accessible options, the design enhancements have been made to increase the usability and make it easier for users to navigate through the application.

  • Activity Log for Recruitments & Leave Management

An activity log will be displayed for every action performed by the user(s) involved in a Recruitment or Leave Management Cycle. This will provide users more clarity about the status of the process.

  •  Privilege for HR to Upload/Change Employee’s Profile Photo

Previously in Sentrifugo, only the employees could change/upload their own profile photos.Now the HR has been given an additional privilege to upload/change any employee’s profile photo.

  • New Submenu Option ‘Contacts’

You can now manage and store your organization’s external users, vendors, and clients’ details all in one place. This submenu option is available in HR > Contacts. 

Sentrifugo 3.1 is scheduled to release this week. Stick around for more updates — we’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below or email us at support@sentrifugo.com.

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.

11 thoughts on “4 Brand New Enhancements in Sentrifugo 3.1 – Check What’s New!

  1. But Still in – Home › Human Resource› Employees › Security Credentials tab –
    “Feature will be available soon”. please be kind to play your attention… difficult to change user credentials. Thank you.


  2. Hi

    we are using bio-metric device for employee INTIME/OUTTIME with mysql database can i MAP same in sentrifugo TIME. Thanks in advance



    • Hi,
      We are sorry to disappoint you. Currently, Sentrifugo doesn’t have the provision to accommodate Biometrics.
      If you provide us the biometric vendor inputs, then we can customize Sentrifugo for you by integrating your biometric information with the application. Thank you!

      Team Sentrifugo


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