Human Resource

  • Configure and manage Sentrifugo’s full-featured flexible solutions that are unique to your organization.
  • Manage holiday groups, determine leave management options and define employee configurations; all in one place.
  • Maintain roles and privileges for various employee groups within your organization.


  • Publishes a comprehensive series of analytics that represent broad range of features graphically pertaining to key activities in the system and define long term and short term goals to set the course for your organization.
  • User activity, attrition rate, employees by department and other essential reports come inbuilt with the system.
  • Generate customizable reports to view and/or export into excels and /or PDFs.

Background Checks

  • Comprehensive and complete background checks of your candidates using effective screening types.
  • Increase candidates and employees quality by gathering prior history and determine the accuracy of the provided details.
  • Associate agencies with your organization to perform background checks and track the status along with the process feedback from them

Service Request

  • A streamlined approach to manage and configure service request settings using which users can raise requests for services or report incidents
  • Define the request categories and request types and assign executors and approvers at multiple levels for created category to handle requests and provide the best solutions.
  • Employees can raise requests and view status of requests raised by them.

Resource Requisition

  • A cluster of features designed to deliver full-cycle Resource Requisition process by creating resource requisitions and obtain requisition approval from multiple levels.
  • Monitor and maintain the requisition process starting from initializing a request to managing candidate CVs, scheduling interviews, shortlisting, and selecting a candidate.
  • Keep track of the interview rounds along with feedback for each round and shortlist candidates for final round; also view comments of each interviewer for each round prior to scheduling the interview.

Interview Schedule

  • Schedule interview based on the interviewer’s availability.
  • Receive interview schedule intimations on your customizable dashboard.
  • Schedule next level interview for the selected candidate.


  • Save time by viewing important information at a glance.
  • Avoid tiresome menu redirections.
  • Don’t miss out on announcement and birthdays in your organization.

Feed Forward

  • Configure questions to evaluate managers performance and optimize productivity.
  • Empower employees to assess the managers’ overall performance and appraise them.
  • View manager’s overall rating and manager’s appraisal by question or by employee