Sentrifugo 3.0 Stable Version – It’s Launch Day!!

launch-1Sentrifugo 3.0 is back!! Only this time it’s going to be bigger, better and stable!

What’s new with Sentrifugo 3.0?

New Features :
  • Disciplinary Incident Management:  Sentrifugo is proud to announce its newest addition – Disciplinary module. Included on popular demand, this module allows you to streamline your disciplinary management process. You can create violation types suitable for your organization and raise disciplinary incidents against employees (defaulters). Employees (defaulters) will be allowed to provide their appeal statement. On the basis of the employee’s (defaulter) statement and misdemeanor evidence, he/she can be pronounced guilty/not guilty. If found guilty, a corrective action can be selected for that employee.
  • Compatible with PHP 7 & MySQL 5.7:  Sentrifugo can now support PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7
Usability Enhancements:
  • Display Employee’s Leave Request Status for Managers:  Managers can now view the status (Approved/Pending) of employees’ leave requests in the grid. This simplifies the leave approval process and reduces menu re-directions.
Bug Fixes:
  •  Fixed issue occurring while updating Identity Documents details
  •  Fixed issue faced while adding Department Head
  •  Fixed issues in Service Request

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at


Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta is Here!!!


The wait is finally over! Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta is here with brand new modules and features!

Here’s what Sentrifugo 3.0 Beta has to offer:

New Features :

  • Expenses Module: Managing expenses could never be easier! Sentrifugo’s Expenses helps you to get more visibility and manage employee expenses efficiently. You can now track employee expenses, store receipts, manage multiple expenses at once, have provision for various payment modes and do so much more!
  • Assets Module: Say goodbye to time-consuming asset records and spreadsheets! You can now store and have comprehensive asset information at your fingertips. Keep a track of your organization’s assets and assign them to employees.

Usability Enhancements :

  • Customizable Employee IDs: Customize your employee IDs to match your organizational employee IDs.
  • Create New Button: Use this shortcut button to create new Requests, Business Units, Appraisals etc. with just one click and zero menu navigation.
  • Design Improvements: A brand new user interface design across the entire application.
  • Employee Exit Date: You can now select dates in the past for an employee’s exit date.
  • Encryption: Confidential information such as salary details are encrypted in the backend.
  • Leave Management:
    • Improved user interface
    • Option to cancel approved leave
  • Appraisals:
    • Appraisal forms can be printed
    • View appraisal history (For Managers & Employees)

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed 8 minor issues in the application

You can download or upgrade to the latest version.To find out more information you can comment below or write to us at

6 New Enhancements Coming Soon to Sentrifugo 3.0!!.

You told us what you wanted … and we listened! Sentrifugo is going through a bit of a makeover to give you our best release ever! Version 3.0 will be loaded with enhancements, selected through popular user demand. Take a look at the list of improvements we have planned:

  1. Customized Employee IDs:Users will be able to customize their employee IDs to match their organizational employee IDs. They will no longer need to maintain two set of IDs (i.e., one for the HRMS application and a second for the organization).
  2. Design Changes:A new design implementation for the view option across the entire application. Design changes also include an improved user interface.
  3. Employee Exit Date:Dates in the past can be selected as an employee’s exit date, allowing exit procedures to be initiated after the employee has left the organization.
  4. Encryption:Confidential information such as salary details will be encrypted in the backend, increasing privacy and security for users.
  5. Leave Management:
    o   Improved user interface will allow users to view leave details directly from the calendar plugin. The number of menus will be decreased and compiled under a single main menu.
    o   Cancelling Leaves: Approved leaves can be canceled by the reporting manager at any time. Employees can cancel unapproved leaves at any time and approved leaves only one day before the leave date.
  6. Appraisals:Appraisal forms can be printed if a signature is required from the employees or managers who are a part of the appraisal process.  Users can view their employees’ and their own appraisal history.

Sentrifugo 3.0 is scheduled to be released this month. Stick around for more updates — we’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below or email us at

Sentrifugo Hits Over 12,000 Downloads!!!

We are pleased to announce that Sentrifugo downloads have crossed a mark of 12000!! A huge THANKS to our users all over the globe! Sentrifugo couldn’t have come this far without your support and encouragement. We continuously strive to give you the best and well rounded HRMS product. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sentrifugo 3.0! In case you’ve missed our previous post on Expenses and Asset Management, do check it out here: Sentrifugo 3.0 Introducing Expenses & Asset Management

As always we thank you for choosing Sentrifugo and Happy Downloading!!

Sentrifugo 3.0: Introducing Expenses and Asset Management

Our goal is to provide users a self-sufficient and well-rounded HRMS application which will serve all their HR and organizational needs.  As part of our promise to continually make Sentrifugo better, we plan to release the much-awaited modules ‘Expenses’ and ‘Asset Management’ in our next release Sentrifugo 3.0!! We’ll be rolling out these modules tentatively by August – September.

Here’s a sneak peek of the features available in Expenses and Asset Management:


Put an end to tiresome and time-consuming manual expense reporting and streamline your expense process using Sentrifugo’s ‘Expenses’. Sentrifugo simplifies the complex expense process giving you a quick, easy and transparent expense system. Employees can easily create and send their expenses for approval to their Employers. Expenses can be placed into various categories for instance food, travel, entertainment etc. Employees can also reimburse their expenses.

Upload Receipts:

Employees can effortlessly attach supporting documents/receipts or digitize receipts and store them in the application.

Payment Mode and Currencies:

Various payment modes are available and they can be tracked. Expenditures made on an international trip can be converted to your organization’s local currency.


Add Trips for managing multiple expenses, clients and projects. A Trip comprises of the various costs incurred in a trip like travel, food, and accommodation. This helps the managers to get an overview of the employee’s entire trip expense at one go.


Sentrifugo allows the Employers to pre-allocate a certain amount of money called Advance to an employee, which can be used for expenses incurred during trip(s) or for project(s) and client(s).

Asset Management:

Keep a track of your organization’s assets like computers, laptops, phones etc. and assign them to employees. It enables the Employers to have quick access to information related to all the assets in the organization. A user can create asset categories and subcategories. Asset details such as invoice number, vendor details, warranty status, asset images etc. can be added and then assigned to employees.

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